Actor Nagesh (b. Gunddu Rao. was a veteran Indian comedian actor in Kollywood Tamil film industry. It was producer Balaji who spotted him and gave him his first break in films. The most memorable performance of Nagesh out of the 1000 odd films he has acted in, is his ro in Thiruvilayaadal in which he speaks a soliloquy that is one of the most memorable scenes in the film.In this movie,he played a poet who had fallen into bad times. When Sivaji who played Siva in the film saw it he asked the director to retain it in full without a cut.
Even today the name evokes a mixed response in the minds of Tamil filmgoers, not just as a comedian who had them rolling in the aisles, but also as a character artiste who moved them to tears with his sensitive performance in films like Neer Kumizhi, Yarukkaga Azhuthan" and Edhir Neechal. In 'Kathalika Neramillai' Nagesh narrates a story to Baliah and the way it was narrated brought down the theatre in laughter. In 'Apoorva Raagangal' he plays a drunkard who talks to his shadow and then finishes his dialogue by saying 'Cheers' and throwing the cup on the wall.

Mr.Nagesh death is a great blow not only to the Tamil Film World,but to the Indian Film Industry as whole.Mr.Nagesh was a versatile actor and portrayed many roles and did justice to them. Some of his movies were really touching and bring tears in the eyes of the audiences.