Kolkata couple invent fuel-less, battery-less auto engine. Interesting that the advances/new technology are able to gain support, instead of being bought out by a petrol car manufacturer and left idle on the bench.
Kolkata couple invent fuel-less, battery-less auto engine
KOLKATA: Kanishk Sinha, 30, and his
wife Lipika, 25, chose to do something different from looking for
jobs—they invented a fuel-less
environment-friendly auto

"This engine is switched on by a chemical reaction between
zinc and oxygen; hence it is pollution-free. This technology also increases the
durability of the engine," Kanishk Sinha, chairman of the Jasper Motor Vehicle
company, told reporters.

"A water pump can run for five years without any interruption
on this engine and a four-wheeler car can run 450,000 km," said

The young couple established the company registered in the US
five years ago with Rs.1 billion (Rs.100 crore) raised from non-resident
Indians. They got the engine patented with BigPatents India, a body supported by
the Ford Foundation.

The couple has approached Kshiti Goswami, West Bengal's public
works department minister, for land in Bardhaman district.
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