iphone 3gs price in india, iphone 5 price in india, iphone price in india, iphone 4 features, iphone 4 india , Finally Mobile phone carriers Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Aircel Ltd. on Friday brought Indian gadget freaks the Apple iPhone 4.

Airtel and Aircel are charging 34,500 rupees ($763) for the version with 16 gigabytes of memory and 40,900 rupees for the model with 32 GB inbuilt memory.
The 16GB Apple iPhone 4 will retail for Rs 34,500, and, the 32GB version will retail for Rs 40,900.
Well Rediff reports that, there are plenty of other phones with better specs, including the just-launched Samsung Galaxy S II, available for around Rs 33,000.

Which is very costly compared to Iphone purchased at USA, If you purchase Iphone in USA from Verizon wireless shoppe, you will get Iphone in 50$, use it for Six months there and then call to Iphone customer care after six months they will provide you unlock code, This will require cost of, 300$ minus 10$ per month. Or you can buy an No contract Iphone for around 500$ and after six months get the unlock code from Apple. But the wait time is six months to get the Iphone use in India, So we have to pay an average extra 250$ to get Iphone in hand.