DOP Rajasthan also known as Department of Personnel Rajasthan has published the Transfer orders for RAS officers, IPS officers, IAS officers and APO order of a RAS officers on 03-03-2011.

Department of Personnel (DOP) deals with all matters related to personnel administration in the State which includes recruitment, appointment and promotions of State Service Officers, Posting of All India Services Officers and State Service Officers. is the official website of Department of Personnel (DOP) Rajasthan, where you can download these Transfer orders list. you can also use the following direct links to download DOP Rajasthan transfer list for followings.
  • Transfer order of RAS officers
  • Transfer order of IPS officers
  • Transfer order of IAS officers
  • APO order of a RAS officer
DOP Rajasthan Transfer orders : DOWNLOAD HERE

Please visit at is the official website of Department of Personnel (DOP) Rajasthan to Know more details