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because MICHAEL DOUGLAS STAGE 4 THROAT CANCER,  Michael Douglas has continued to appear positive and relatively upbeat following his announcement of having throat cancer, it’s impossible to ignore the severity of the disease.  Douglas announced yesterday he has Stage 4 throat cancer, an advanced condition.
Douglas’ throat cancer comes in the form of a tumor at the base of his tongue.  Douglas has already begun the regimen of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and notes that it is a struggle.
Signs and symptoms THROAT CANCER

Throat Cancer usually begins with symptoms that seem harmless enough, like an enlarged lymph node on the outside of the neck, a sore throat or a hoarse sounding voice. However, in the case of throat cancer, these conditions may persist and become chronic. There may be a lump or a sore in the throat or neck that does not heal or go away. There may be difficult or painful swallowing. Speaking may become difficult. There may be a persistent earache. Other possible but less common symptoms include some numbness or paralysis of the face muscles.