Wanda Barzee is one of Elizabeth Smart's kidnappers.
Wanda Barzee  was described on Oprah as a monster

Who is Wanda Barzee?
Wanda Barzee is the Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart.

Who called Wanda Barzee as Monster?
The Children of Wanda Barzee itself called Wanda Barzee as a Monster

"I asked what's for dinner and she said chicken," LouRee Gayler told Oprah Winfrey on her show today. She remembered her mother Wanda Barzee & her second husband Brian David Mitchell picking at their meals, " but she had a smile on her face  whole time,"  LouRee Gayler said.

The Video of Elizabeth Smart Story is Here featuring Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell

The Oprah Show today invited Wanda Barzee's children for the show.
 Wanda Eileen Barzee aged 63 years , was one of the Elizabeth Smart 's Kidnappers.

 In 2002, Barzee and Brian David Mitchell kidnapped then 14 year old Elizabeth Smart and was held captive for more than nine months in a campsite in Salt Lake City. Smart testified she was sexually abused by Mitchell during her captivity.

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Wanda Barzee Cooked Pet Rabbit Peaches and Served It as Chicken

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Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee
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