I use auto at least once in a day, I am living in Hyderabad from last five years, I had quite good experiences and observations, thought of sharing with you.

After Installing Digital meters on All Autos in the pearl city- Hyderabad, I faced same problems like before installing digital meters, even this time problems list is more.

Previous observation with Analog metes
-- For the same distance your travel by different autos, your fare is different, it varies from 4-7 rupees as difference.
-- On traffic signals some analog meters runs faster than other meters. If you ask auto driver that your meter is running fast, you get good answers and explanations also.

Current observations with Digital meters
Recently I had friendly chat with one Auto driver (of course for that chat I had paid more than usual.).

-- problem of fare change with same distance is still there.
-- you get one more explanations most of time is "My digital meter is not working"
-- bargain for the fare and you end up paying more.

Got some interesting points to be noted before you hire a Auto.
-- Ask Auto driver that you will hire auto only if he is ready to go by meter.
-- Here is a catch, if he is ready in first cut, check his meter. If you see some cap on his meter, then it is sure that, meter is damaged and you pay more than before.
-- Most of Auto driver are opting this option to damage the meter and reload new software in it, it costs Rs. 1000/- for them. If you see meter seal is damaged do not opt for going by meter, better opt for fix the fair first and then hire, else go for other loyal auto. I paid double the amount for same distance which I used to travel.

Still there are some auto who are loyal and do not have damaged meters. These loyal auto drivers do not need to put a black cap on their digital meters.

If one tries to wear hat of auto driver and think,
-Digital meter installation demand for battery, which costs around Rs. 1000 to 1200/-
-Digital meter installation, which costs around 2000 to 4000/-
-with compulsion of digital meters in city, All auto drivers had cut their bread butter and paid Rs 3000/- as minimum installation charges for digital meters. There is no return on this investment.
As a human, I expect some return on it. Most of them are opting to pay some more 1000 bucks and are changing their softwares. I wonder This modification is not known to city traffic police.

This is conversion from one auto driver and my observations.

Please share your observations and experiences also.

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